What is Phase I Treatment?

It’s normal to wait until the last baby tooth has been lost to begin orthodontic treatment; however, some children may need an interceptive or Phase I treatment to address and resolve significant issues that can arise in earlier development. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children see an orthodontist by around age 7 for an examination.

Often the orthodontist will determine that no treatment is needed at this early age, but for some children, developing problems such as crossbites, gum recession, severe crowding, loss of space for adult teeth, as well as esthetic and psychosocial self-consciousness can be detected and resolved through a limited, interceptive treatment.

Precision Orthodontics is proud to provide Phase I orthodontic treatment to kids around Scarsdale, NY. Dr. Ray and his experienced team can help mitigate minor alignment issues that would become more severe over time, leading to a healthier, more beautiful smile. Keep reading to learn more about Phase I orthodontics.

Phase I Treatment: Interceptive Orthodontics

Phase I treatment is indicated only when necessary. Normally, people would wait until their early teenage years to pursue treatment. The basic benefit is that if orthodontists can guide the development of the teeth as they develop, it will be much more efficient down the road to avoid more serious complications and treatments once the teeth are fully developed. Certain treatments can only be accomplished in a child’s early development, and an examination for a potential need of a phase I treatment can ensure that no doors are closed by waiting to address a problem.

The Benefits of Phase I Treatment

The major benefit of early corrective treatment is that it can help children mitigate more severe alignment and bite issues down the road. Phase I treatment is intended to last approximately 12 months, addressing significant problems early on. Once the problem has been resolved, orthodontic appliances are removed, and a retainer is given to be worn at home and overnight. The next step is to return to the orthodontist every few months to monitor jaw growth and the development of adult teeth to see whether a comprehensive orthodontic treatment will later be necessary.

Here are some of the benefits that can result from early orthodontic treatment:
The orthodontist will be able to guide the development of your child’s jaw to accommodate the teeth as they grow, providing a more cosmetic smile throughout childhood, and a much less intensive treatment down the road.
Early correction of overbites, crossbites, or open bites can save your child the burden of having to wait a few extra years to correct these common issues, which can become severe enough to affect one’s quality of life.
Early treatment means better aligned teeth, which minimizes those hard-to-reach areas between misaligned teeth, making it easier to brush and floss thoroughly.

Ready for an Appointment?

If you think your child is ready for Phase I orthodontic treatment, then come on into Precision Orthodontics to meet Dr. Ray! You can call us at 914.725.2606 to schedule a consultation. Or, you can contact us here.

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