Different Types of Teeth

When it comes to your oral health, education is an important part of ensuring you have all the tools necessary to keep your teeth bright, white, and healthy. With that said, how much do you know about your different types of teeth? Sure, they help us chew our food, but they serve a variety of other purposes too, like helping support the height and shape of the face, form speech, and support the lips. As such, we wanted to discuss the different types of teeth, and all they do for our oral health!

Different Types of Teeth

Incisors: The incisors refer to the eight thin, flat teeth at the front of your mouth. The incisors help support the lips, help you bite and chew, and they’re essential to the formation of speech.
Canines: The canines are the four pointed teeth that rest at the ends of the incisors. These teeth are helpful for shredding tough foods. The incisors are unique in that they help guide the rest of the teeth into place as you close your mouth.
Premolars: There are eight premolars that sit behind the canines. These teeth are also known as the bicuspids. The premolars are vital to supporting the height of the face. Their flattened top also helps with the chewing process.
Molars: The molars are the flattened teeth at the back of your mouth. The molars help chew food and support the height of the face. The lower molars only have two roots, whereas the upper have three.
Third Molars: Another name for wisdom teeth, these teeth tend to emerge in early adulthood. While they often emerge with little issue, many need to have these teeth removed as there are complications that can arise from their developing so much later than the rest of the adult teeth.
Supernumerary Teeth: These refer to any teeth that emerge outside the normal 32 teeth. While rare, it’s possible for extra teeth to develop either in the deciduous teeth (baby teeth), or the adult teeth. Of course, these teeth often need to be removed as they might be either out of place, or crowding the rest of the teeth.

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