The Damon System in Scarsdale, NY

THE DAMON SYSTEMWith an average treatment time of 2 years, frequent in-office maintenance, and the pain that comes from tightening brackets, braces can be a challenging commitment. Luckily, there are some modern alternatives to conventional braces that can alleviate some of the stresses of such a long-term treatment. One of these newer systems of orthodontic treatment is called the Damon System.

Dr. Ray and Precision Orthodontics provide the Damon System treatment for people around Scarsdale, New York, offering patients the opportunity for a more dynamic range of personalized treatment. Before you call to schedule an appointment, take a moment to learn about this type of braces to see if they are right for you.

What is the Damon System?

The Damon System utilizes self-ligating braces that eliminate the need for metal or elastic ties. In place of ties, these braces use a slide method along the wire, allowing teeth to move more freely and align much faster than with conventional brackets.

Because the self-ligating braces allow for free movement, the Damon System requires much less in-office maintenance than with standard braces. And because you don’t need to have brackets tightened, patients on average report 60% less discomfort than with traditional braces.

One of the most appealing benefits for patients who use this orthodontic system is the overall treatment time, which is usually shorter. A comparative study done against conventional braces indicates that patients finish their treatment an average of 7.2 months faster than with other forms of braces.

Other Considerations Before Choosing the Damon System

As with any treatment, there are several factors you should consider before you choose the Damon System. Some of these considerations are:

  • Although patients feel less discomfort overall, the beginning of the treatment can be particularly uncomfortable
  • The Damon System isn’t as cosmetically discreet as some other forms of treatment, like Invisalign or Lingual braces.
  • Treatment typically costs more than with traditional braces.

Is the Damon System Right for You?

Overall, this fairly new means of straightening teeth presents numerous benefits. Given the faster treatment time and less discomfort throughout treatment, many patients prefer the Damon method!

You can contact us here or give us a call us today at 914-725-2606 to schedule a consultation.

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