Child Orthodontics in Scarsdale, NY

Child orthodontics in Scarsdale, NYThere are certain situations where it is best to be ahead of the game. Being proactive in fixing small orthodontic problems with your child can save you not only money down the road but also prevent more severe orthodontic issues when your child is older. Dr. Ray believes in being proactive rather than reactive when it comes to your child’s orthodontic care. He offers different options to help your child’s teeth properly grow into place, thus preventing complicated orthodontic intervention in the future with his interceptive orthodontic treatments.

Interceptive Child Orthodontics

In the past, the majority of orthodontic treatments did not begin until most or all of the permanent teeth had grown in, usually around age 12 to 14. Waiting until the adult teeth were present created many problems that could have been prevented if the treatment had begun earlier when spacing or other issues first presented themselves. With interceptive orthodontics, we help teeth achieve a straight formation from the beginning. Instead of waiting until your child has a crooked smile, we help your child avoid crooked teeth in the first place. Our interceptive orthodontics prevent and treat occlusion or spacing issues early.

Space Maintainers

Treatment may involve a space maintainer to preserve the space of a baby tooth that is lost or pulled. This approach prevents spacing or crowding issues when the permanent teeth begin to grow in.

Children's Orthodontics in Scarsdale, NYFinger Habit Correction

Interceptive orthodontic treatment can be used to help thumb or finger-sucking habits. If left untreated, prolonged thumb or finger-sucking can cause damage to the jaw as well as to the permanent teeth waiting to grow in, resulting in extensive orthodontic treatment when the child is older.

Interceptive Orthodontics Treatment

Interceptive orthodontics usually begins between the ages of 7 and 11, taking advantage of the child’s continuing growth. With early intervention, fewer teeth need to be extracted and many spacing problems can be prevented.

It is important to understand that when interceptive orthodontics is needed, it is usually part one of a two phase process. The second phase of child orthodontics will begin once more permanent teeth are present. When interceptive orthodontics is used, the second phase of treatment is usually less extensive compared to patients who did not have an early intervention.

Dr. Ray is experienced in treating children with a variety of orthodontic needs. He is conservative in his approach and believes that being proactive with orthodontic interventions is both beneficial to the child today and in the future. Call us at 914.725.2606 or contact us here and let us help make your child’s smile healthy today so that it can stay healthy tomorrow.

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