Adult Orthodontics in Scarsdale, NY

Adult orthodontics in Scarsdale, NYYou are never too old to get the smile you deserve. Dr. Ray and his experienced team use only the latest in orthodontic technology to help adult patients achieve perfectly straight teeth. There are many adult orthodontics options available to get your smile just right. When you seek adult orthodontic treatment, we’ll help you determine which of our services will best meet your unique needs.

Adult Orthodontics: Invisalign

Many adults love Invisalign because it is practically invisible to the naked eye and allows patients to get a perfectly straight smile without the insecurities sometimes associated with visible metal braces. Invisalign works by carefully straightening your teeth with a series of clear aligner trays. These aligner trays are switched out about every two weeks, gradually moving your teeth into perfect alignment. Some of the many benefits of Invisalign include:

  • Greater confidence knowing that no one but you knows that you are undergoing orthodontic work.
  • Removable aligner trays. You will still have the ability to eat all of the chewy, sticky, or hard foods you love.
  • Less inconvenience. No additional adjustments need to be made to your flossing or brushing routine.
  • More comfort. Invisalign utilizes comfortable, smooth plastic instead of wires.

adult orthodontics Scarsdale, NYTraditional Braces

Sometimes traditional braces are the best option to give you the smile you have always wanted. Traditional braces are made of strong metal brackets and use different wires held in place with rubber bands to adjust the tension when aligning your teeth and bite. While traditional braces may not be invisible, there are many benefits to choosing them for your treatment plan, including:

  • Metal braces are strong and rarely break.
  • Traditional braces are often the most affordable option to straighten your teeth.
  • Traditional braces can correct issues that other treatments cannot. Traditional braces are often the best option when correcting a severe under or overbite.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are the perfect middle ground between Invisalign and metal brackets. Ceramic braces work exactly like traditional metal brackets except they are made of clear or tooth-colored ceramic brackets that are less noticeable than traditional metal brackets. Some benefits of ceramic braces are:

  • Less noticeable than metal braces, giving you more confidence.
  • Move teeth in the exact same way as metal brackets, and the treatment plan time is still often faster than using aligner trays.

Lingual Braces

adult orthodonticsDid you know that braces can be placed behind your tooth, making them completely unnoticeable? These types of braces are called lingual braces. The braces are adhered to the back of your tooth and stay completely hidden from view. While this is not an option for everyone, including those with small teeth or excessive bite problems, there are some great advantages.

  • Lingual braces are a great option for those who play an instrument or play sports.
  • They are completely hidden for the most part, giving you a confidence boost while you are receiving orthodontic treatment.

Surgical Orthodontics

When there are severe orthodontic issues, such as jaw bone abnormalities, bad bites, malocclusion, and other extensive needs, surgical orthodontics may be the best treatment. Dr. Ray works with the best oral and maxillofacial surgeons to ensure that if surgical orthodontics are needed, you are receiving the best possible care.

There are many options available to get you smiling your best smile. Don’t let age or embarrassment hold you back from getting a perfectly straight smile. Call today for your consultation and see which orthodontic option is best for you!

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